“It’s hard to be a fan of Twitter right now. The company is sticking up for conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, when nearly all other platforms have given him the boot, it’s overrun with bots, and now it’s breaking users’ favorite third-party Twitter clients like Tweetbot and Twitterific by shutting off APIs these apps relied on. Worse still, is that Twitter isn’t taking full responsibility for its decisions.”

“Maybe it’s time to close the apps – third-party and otherwise. Maybe it’s time to go dark. Get off the feeds. Take a break. Move on.”

via TechCrunch

Twitter doesn’t need to be perfect to be useful, but they’re trying so. hard. to be useless, and worse; harmful. 💔

Also a friendly reminder that the hashtag, #breakingmytwitter, some users are rallying around is only possible because of someone else’s good idea, not Twitter’s.