How To Make The Library Even Easier

Public libraries, one of society’s greatest contributions to knowledge sharing, education, and community, are already pretty damn easy to use. Most of them are something like this:

  1. Go into a library
  2. “Prove” you live on more or less the same planet
  3. Get (very nearly) free and unlimited access to books, movies, the internet, and way more

Easy as that is, it’s hard to argue with the convenience of mashing “Buy Now” on Amazon and having books sent wirelessly to your devices, or thrown indifferently placed gently at your door by a nice stranger. Enter Library Extension.

Screenshot of Library Extension download page I ❤️ you so much, Library Extension.

I’ve been using this simple extension for years that lets you tell it which libraries you care about, then every time you’re on a book listing at Amazon, Google Books, Goodreads (and some others) it shows you if that book is available at any of your libraries. It even lets you jump directly to checkout or placing a hold. If you’re lazy like I am you can restrict it to eBooks and audiobooks so you get all the book borrowing goodness of using your library without having to ever actually go to it. It’s fantastic! It saves you time and money, and it makes it dead simple to read books you might not want to buy.

Go get Library Extension right now and support your library.