Google Photos Shared Libraries

Back in May at Google IO Google announced Shared Libraries coming to Google Photos. From The Keyword:

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could automatically share relevant photos with [your spouse/partner/best friend]? For example, I would love it if every photo I ever took of my kids was shared with my wife.

This is exactly what I have been waiting for. My wife is the shutterbug of the family so many of the best photos of the kids, particularly ones I’m in and couldn’t have taken myself, are trapped in Susan’s library. Now, thanks to Google’s always awesome sometimes creepy face detection, any photo I ever take with my kids in them is automatically shared to her and vice-versa. The post goes on:

…when they share their library with you, you can automatically save the photos you want so they also show up in search and in the movies, collages and other fun creations Google Photos makes for you.

And that extra bit of smart design has made all the difference. These photos aren’t just visible to me, they are now part of my library which means Google Photos treats them like any other photo in my library and backs them up (never hurts to have more backups), creates collages and movies and animations, and makes them searchable. The day after we set this up I got twenty notifications* from the Google Photos Assistant that all manner of adorable baby photos I’d never seen before had been artfully arranged for me.

Google has done something far better than just shared libraries. We take pictures of all kinds of things with our phones like where we parked or the model number of something we might buy; I don’t need to see or share all that noise. If you have any loved ones and you wish sharing photos could be automatic, now it is.

Go set shared libraries up right now.

*Actually one notification that twenty items were ready for review, which is also an appreciated bit of design thinking.