Hundreds of Podcasts

I’ve been meaning to write about this since before Sunrise Robot shut down but it’s just as relevant now, and better late than never.

When Mike and I first started Flipping Tables and published episode 000 (why did I name them like that?!) it struck a stark contrast against some of the podcasts I listened to that had episodes totaling close to four digits. I genuinely wondered how we would ever get there from here. Turns out when you make your art week after week for years you end up with a lot of art. Flipping Tables ran for three years, and our other shows ran for the two years that Sunrise Robot was active, so how did the numbers stack up?

345 episodes our small team produced in three years. And that’s a big number if taken all at once, but averaged out it’s only 2.2 episodes/week. For “two people talking” style podcasts like the ones on Sunrise Robot that’s a really managable amount of work session by session that only seems unmanageable in aggregate. It can suck starting over with episode 1 (fool me once!) but taken day by day it’s not so bad.