State of the Podcasts

Considering how long I’ve been listening to podcasts and podcasting, I can’t believe I’ve never shared a list of what I actually listen to myself. Here, in alphabetical order, are all the shows I’m currently subscribed to. I’ve listen to many others, but I purge shows that end or I grow impossibly weary of. I’m looking at you Welcome to Nightvale.

My podcatcher of choice for getting all these lovely shows into my earholes is still Pocket Casts because it’s the best, has Android, iOS, and web apps, and is also is the best. Like any sensible person I’ve worked up to listening at 1.5x and now when I hear Wait Wait… on the radio at normal speed everyone sounds drunk.

I was, until recently, a masochistic completionist who actually listened to every episode of every show until I realized just how dumb that is. A combination of accelerated playback speed, purging shows I had stopped enjoying, and skipping an episode I am not interested in has made keeping up with this lengthy list possible.