Mastodon and GNU Social

Everyone is talking about the ugh “Twitter Killer” Mastodon and many are predictably seizing on the wrong thing. Mostly that it is a Twitter killer, which it might be but probably isn’t, and isn’t really the point. The point of Mastodon, and more broadly GNU Social, is that Twitter-like communication needs to be standardized and federated and not owned by a single company. From Robek.World:

Mastodon Social is the name of an instance on GNU Social which uses the OStatus protocol to connect to a vast variety of servers in what’s known as a federation. Mastodon is also the name of the software being used on that server, which was developed by Eugen “Gargron” Rochko. It was built with Ruby on Rails, Redux, and React.js. I learned the latter from the Wikipedia page, which is about the extent of research given by any of the other articles published this week.

Source: What is GNU Social and is Mastodon Social a “Twitter Clone”?

If history is any indicator this whole Mastodon thing won’t last long but I really hope it, or at least what it represents, survives. In the meantime I’m trying to help it survive by being part of the community.

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Update 2017-07-07: I’m now because went down with no indication the admin will be fixing it. That can happen in a federated network.