Nostalgia Goggles

Nostalgia Goggles album art

Last fall Mike and I made the tough decision to end Flipping Tables and to sunset Sunrise Robot. It was the right thing to do, but I wasn’t ready to be done with podcasting just yet.

Podcasting can be addictive and it wasn’t long after we started Flipping Tables I was thinking of other shows I’d like do. Running the network kept any of them from really taking shape, but one show idea kept creeping back into my thoughts. It was just a loose concept: a kind of book club for classic video games. Do those old games hold up or are they only classic in our memories? Do we all just have Nostalgia Googles on?

I’ve been playing video games longer than I can remember, but work, family, and other hobbies made them take a back seat. Like… way in the back. More like holding onto the bumper and getting dragged. I’ve played some modern games, and I’ll indulge in a mobile game now and then, but reliving the classics always felt silly when there are so many “new” games I “should” be playing instead. Games are supposed to be fun, not an obligation. So what if I’m replaying Link to the Past for the 30th time?

With my calendar about to free up in a post Flipping Tables world the hunger to start a new show came back. Then completely out of nowhere a good friend said to me “Hey we should do a podcast together.” (Fun fact: that is basically how Flipping Tables started.) I pitched him the idea, told him which microphone to buy, then many hours of gaming, note taking, and ranting later we released our first two episodes: Super Mario World, and Sonic 2.

I’m excited to spend more time gaming. I’m excited to spend more time with George (the good friend and now co-host I mentioned above.) I’m excited to be back in front of a microphone podcasting. I’m thankful to the talented Michael Edwards for our album art and the generous Danny Wiessner for our theme music. And I’m incredibly flattered that people are excited to listen to us.

Our first two episodes are fun and ridiculous, and there will be another coming every other week on Tuesdays. Go listen, and if you like what you hear, subscribe to get the latest delivered automatically.