The Semmelweis Reflex

Two years ago I gave a lightning talk where I used the story of Ignaz Semmelweis as a metaphor for educators denying reality and sticking to their “tried and true” methods, no matter how untrue we now know they are. I even have some useless-without-me-talking slides to prove it.

Turns out over on chronotope they wrote the blog post I should have written, including research-linked gems like:

We now know for example that left and right brain thinking is not supported by any evidence, we know that the belief in learning styles is not just wrong but dangerous, we know that the claim that we only use 10% of our brain is completely unfounded and that if you are using Neuro linguistic programming for education purposes then you might as well be practising astrology. Yet despite these important findings, may of these beliefs still persist in education settings today.

Go share it far and wide.

Via: The Semmelweis Reflex: Why does Education Ignore Important Research?