Share All the Things

You can read any number of blogs and think pieces about the benefits of sharing what you’re working on and learning. I work in technology in the education sector, and between those two groups of people there are a seemingly unlimited number of voices telling me to share more of what I’m working on, learning, and most importantly, struggling with.

Most people seem to have no problem going on twitter or Facebook and complaining about a problem they’re having, but a blog post tends to command a little more thought, reflection, and often a solution.

This post is a reminder to myself, and to you, that you can share what you’re working on and your victories, but don’t forget to share your struggles, particularly when you don’t have a solution. Nothing will get your brain moving quite like explaining the issue you’re having even if no one is listening. And even if you don’t have a solution by the end of your post you still have spent quality time reflecting on the problem, and by sharing your struggle you just might reassure someone in a similar position.