Reminder to Disconnect Old Apps

Google, Twitter, and Facebook (and LinkedIn, Github, etc. etc. etc.) are things we all use and it’s really tempting to just “Log in with [SOCIAL SERVICE OF CHOICE]” because of the convenience. And although the privacy settings of all these services change as they add and remove features, change policies, and sometimes randomly just to screw with us, Facebook, one fairly consistent thing is the “Connected Apps” section.

Chances are you logged into some game, some web app, or some other other thing that is now abandoned or you’ve abandoned but it still has access to your account. This is a gaping security hole and one that is trivially easy to fix. Just log into [SOCIAL SERVICE], navigate to their list of stuff that has access to your account and start removing access.

Here are direct links to the page in question for the services you most likely use:

Pro tip: Anything you don’t recognize should almost definitely get the ax. Also any game you “totally plan to get back into.”

Update 2017-04-01

I thought I’d share my own stats since I reshare this post every so often. During this most recent purge I disconnected:

Mostly old games or third-party clients (because sometimes the primary app sucks, Twitter) but there were a few acquired companies in there too for apps I don’t even use anymore, and I definitely don’t want that connection open for no good reason.