Twitter (doesn't) need an algorithm

If Twitter were to provide an algorithmic timeline that could allow me to see the most important to(sic) content in 5 minutes or less, I’m very certain that I’d return to using the service more.

Then you don’t want to use Twitter.

Twitter that isn’t real time and reverse chronological order isn’t Twitter. There are already a ton of services that aggregate tweets, summarize breaking news events, and recap live events. Turning Twitter into one of those services won’t save it, it will kill it. A steak and a hamburger are both made of beef, but no one would argue that they’re the same thing. Grinding Twitter up and smashing it back together would represent a fundamental shift to an already crowded space, and an exit from a space that Twitter completely owns.

And do we honestly think that they’d not allow for a pure, “unadulterated” timeline as an option? That’s ridiculous. It just won’t be the default anymore, and that’s a good thing.

Facebook has a similar option; and it resets every. single. time. you. log. in. Twitter would likely take a similar position because advertisers prefer the algorithmic sort.

Oh, and wanting to use Twitter for it’s declared and well loved primary function doesn’t make you a “power user” it just makes you a “twitter user.”

Source: Twitter needs an algorithm

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