Autodial Conference Line Extension

I am on conference calls a lot. Remote meetings are a big part of my day job, and that means dialing the same 1-800 number and the same two or three extensions several times per week. Dialing numbers by hand like an animal is an unsustainable practice and luckily some smart engineers agree with me!

That’s right, you can autodial an extension. Pause between number and extension included. iOS supports this as well as Android, but my screenshots are from Android. The process is similar though.

The Android dialer

The number you want to dial

2-sec and wait options

Insert that tiny pause to let the line connect

Dial the extension

Add the extension you want dialed for you

Then save this whole mess as a contact and from now on you can connect to your conference line with one tap.

You can even add multiple pauses or a “wait” (which prompts before it proceeds) for more complicated dialing schemes! If you find yourself calling the same conference line even just once per month, I highly encourage this simple hack.