(un)Limited Storage!

We need to get out of the habit of calling things “unlimited” that obviously aren’t. When Flickr gave itself a makeover they announced “1 Terabyte of storage” which in my opinion is a better headline than “Unlimited storage” because 1TB actually means something and unlimited obviously doesn’t.

Microsoft previously announced unlimited storage for O365 subscribers and has since had to renege when a user hilariously abused the unlimited storage. It’s not really abuse though, is it? You said “unlimited”, Microsoft, and now you’re upset that someone was foolish enough to take you at your word. There’s more than a few ways this situation could have been handled more delicately and I have a way to prevent it from ever happening again; stop calling things unlimited.

There are always limits, and companies having to take ownership of those limits means consumers can actually make informed decisions. Storage, bandwidth, etc., we all know these things have a cost, so let’s just be upfront about that reality and have a little transparency.

And don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, wireless carriers. If you want to avoid press like this

you’re going to have to be honest about what your costs are, and what we’re getting for our money.