Unicorns and Rainbows, a Year in Reflection

Google Calendar event reminder

A year ago I said I wanted to be interviewed by Ben Orenstein and he generously agreed to… me asking him again in a year. That’s a reasonable response when you think about it. I’ve never heard an episode of Giant Robots Smashing into Other Giant Robots that wasn’t amazing, and imposter syndrome aside, I don’t know that I’m on the same level as his other guests.

Well it’s been a whole year. Spoiler alert; I did not become a professional developer in time. As the event on my calendar drew nearer I asked myself “What did you do with that year?”

In no particular order I…

All the while working with the best team I’ve ever worked with and being the luckiest part of an incredible family. Not too shabby for 365 days. So is this whole article just one giant #humblebrag? No!

It’s a reminder that plans don’t always unfold the way we think they should. I didn’t spend a year becoming a junior developer; I spent a year getting as awesome as possible at my job, doing things I love to do, and spending time with people I love to spend time with.

It wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows. I didn’t accomplish everything I set out to do and things didn’t always go my way. I still want to upgrade from amateur dev to junior dev. But it’s important to reflect on successes while we learn from missteps.

I’m still available for interview if you’re interested, Ben.