Easter Eggs May Be My Favorite Part of Programming

[Chrome offline easter egg](http://www.omgchrome.com/chrome-easter-egg-trex-game-offline/)

Unfortunately, I’ve been having a lot of wifi issues with Yosemite but luckily Google has my back. From omgchrome.com:

Hidden within the browser’s new-look ‘Network Error’ page is a cute, endless running game. It even features the ‘lonely t-rex’ character used to illustrate the browser’s error pages.

Although I’d rather have network and not need to play this game, it is a clever little feature that probably took one developer an hour to add in and turns a frustrating experience into a fun break from whatever you were “working on”. For the developer it’s a nice reprieve from optimizations and algorithms and the like. It also shows a high level of craftsmanship to the software when these tiny bits of polish are added in where they may take decades to be found.