Over Promising Makes Me Hate You

I could make the title slightly longer and say that constantly over promising makes me hate you eventually, but it’s long enough and true enough.

We deal with over promising all the time in advertising and casual conversation:

“Greatest. Movie. Ever.”

“This pill will make you thin without dieting or exercise!”

“This is my favorite food. I could literally eat it all day every day.”

“Learn French in just 30 seconds per day!”

But those are ads and conversations with friends. We know they’re hyperbolic either to try and convince us to buy something or for comedic affect and that is just fine. What I’m tired of is when I’m relying on someone and they swear up and down it shall be done and then they fall short. Really short. Every. Single. Time.

Things happen. People make mistakes. There are unknown unknowns. I get that.

Demotivational Poster: Unknown Unknowns

But people who constantly and wildly over promise aren’t optimistic fools, they aren’t just unable to assess a situation before they predict an outcome; they’re inconsiderate at best and outright liars at worst. Everyone knows someone like this: the friend who is always late and brimming with excuses, Dante’s boss in Clerks always making him work on his “day off”. It’s annoying. It’s unacceptable. It needs to stop.

I won’t tell you how to deal with the over promisers in your life, but I’ve decided I am just going to avoid them as much as possible. Too often I’ve been left scrambling to salavage a project to go on tolerating their nonsense. If, on the other hand, you’re one of the people I’m talking about, stop being such an unreliable git. No one appreciates this behavior, in any setting, anywhere, ever. (And that’s no hyperbole.)