Heroku's Good Guy Email Default

Heroku opt-out default

I got this email from Heroku recently and it made me smile. I don’t use Heroku heavily so I don’t really want a lot of email from them and it turns out they don’t want to bother people who didn’t ask to be bothered. What a novel concept.

Like anyone working in the tech community (or any office environment, really) I get a ridiculous amount of email on a daily basis. A very large portion or which is not relevant, not actionable, or outright spam. This is in addition to the email I receive at my numerous personal accounts which is also largely spammy.

That’s what makes this behavior on Heroku’s part so excellent. They know everyone gets too damn much email so their assumption is to not bother you unless you ask for it. I wish more companies, and frankly more of my colleagues, beahved this way.

Kudos, Heroku. Kodus.