Rejoining the Open Source World

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After entirely too long since my last git commit -m "Initial Commit" I’ve finally rejoined the OSS community!

I’ve dabbled with code for several years now but it’s not something I do full time, or even for pay (directly.) Oddly, I actually am fulfilling the dream of every teach-yourself-to-code startup and using code not to become rich and famous, but to make my life easier. I make little scripts here and there to make myself or my colleagues more efficient, but I don’t write what most developers would consider “real software”.

Being the wannabe that I am, I tend to follow the culture and was recently inspired by this article, and to that end I’ve published my first bit of code in ages on Github. It’s not much, but it makes my life and my coworker’s lives a lot better.

Unfortunately, since I wasn’t practicing good git fu and living the open source life, only this most recent version exists; my journey to this point is uncharted. That is a mistake I won’t be making anymore!