One Month with the Crabby Wallet (Updated!)

Crabby Wallet logo

I backed the ultra-minimalist Crabby Wallet on Kickstarter and (sort of) patiently waited for it to be released. Now that I’ve been using it for a month I’ve formulated some opinions on it.

I’m a big fan on minimalist and utilitarian things. The wallet I’d been carrying (a tired leather front-pocket affair that was seriously worn out) needed to be replaced and that’s when I found the Crabby Wallet. But what is it?

It’s an elastic band. There’s really no other way to describe it. I suppose it might be more accurate to say it’s an elastic band with an elastic band around it. The body of the wallet is a big fat elastic loop sewn on three sides, and it has an elastic band that wraps around it to hold the cards you put into it.

When it first arrived it was so tight that the five cards I put into it bowed slightly. Now it’s a little more relaxed but it’s still very difficult to pull the end cards out, and basically impossible to get the middle card out without removing the lot. It’s secure; no doubt about that.

I do love how compact it is. When I first started using it I kept thinking it wasn’t in my pocket (which was nerve wracking for a bit), but it’s nice how light and thin it is. It also forces you to only carry the essentials. I was decent at this anyway with my front pocket wallet, but now I carry next to nothing and I like that.

My one small side complaint is this: I carry two RFID enabled cards for work and in my old wallet I could just tap the wallet against the sensor and they’d work, but in the Crabby Wallet they are so close to each other that they interfere. It’s not the wallet itself because either one alone works fine. Not a problem everyone would have, but I do need to find a good solution since getting cards in and out quickly is difficult.

Overall I’m pretty happy with it. Once I solve my RFID problem I think I’ll be good with this wallet as long as the elastic holds out. How durable it is will take time to determine.

UPDATE 2013-11-03

So this happened about a week ago:

Busted Crabby wallet

which is annoying because I haven’t used the key loop even once. Although it could just be a one-off defect and isn’t necessarily a product flaw, I’m overall not in love with this wallet enough to break in another one and find out. Fortunately the good people at their support desk walked me through returning the wallet and getting a refund.